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We get it. We've all been there – those days when everything seems a bit... well, SH!TTY. Whether you're jet-setting across the globe, pounding the pavement, squeezing in gym sessions between meetings, hustling as an Uber driver, or simply enjoying the nightlife in different cities or countries – life on the move can sometimes leave us feeling less than fresh.

With a passport stamped from 99 countries (yes, just one shy of the elusive 100!), I've come to realize that despite the abundance of men's grooming products on the market – from hair gels to deodorants to beard oils – there's one essential area that's been seriously neglected: intimate hygiene.

Take a stroll down the aisles of your local store, and you'll notice a glaring gap in the market. Sure, there are plenty of wipes available, but who TF wants to lug around a bulky bag of them? That's where @zzwipes comes in.

Introducing @zzwipes – the solution to staying fresh and confident ON THE GO. Our compact, travel friendly double-strength wipes are infused with a refreshing mint sensation, perfect for tackling even the toughest situations in all your intimate areas.

Proudly British-made, @zzwipes celebrates our masculinity and the no-nonsense attitude of guys who refuse to take SH!T from anyone – or anything.

Let's face it, looking good is only part of the equation – feeling fresh from top to bottom is where it's at.

So here's to staying fresh, feeling confident, and not giving a SH!T

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